Recorder's Office

***Due to COVID-19 the Chippewa County Recorder’s Office is currently closed to the public.

***Please note we have a drop box located in the front of the building by the main East doors for documents, abstracts, or applications. The box will be checked twice a day, once in the morning and once around noon. 

Real Estate Documents that come in either by drop box, mail or e-recording are currently still being processed. If you need copies of real estate documents, please refer to our Online Real Estate Records page where you will find IDoc Market or give us a call and we will email them directly to you. Our online records date from the 1800’s to current. NOTE: prior to 1997, parcel numbers were not entered and you will need to search either by name (grantor/grantee), document number (all documents begin with A000) or book and page (put the book number in the book field and page number in the page field).      

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates may be processed by phone, mail and email. Please fill out the appropriate application located on the left panel under Birth & Death Records and Marriage Records. At this time, have your signature notarized for birth and death records and mail or email the application to our office or place it in the drop box in the front of the building along with payment. Please note, we will only accept credit card payments when issuing over the phone and email. Once the record is issued, it will be mailed to the person listed as the applicant on the application.               

Marriage Licenses  ALL MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS WILL BE COMPLETED ONLINE. Applicants must apply through the Minnesota Official Marriage System(MOMS) website. Please refer to the Marriage License page on the left with the link to MOMS. After the application is completed and submitted, please contact us by phone or email. At that time, we will set up an appointment to complete the examination upon oath, confirm both parties identities, and have the couple sign the application. This will all be done via audio transmission (phone). After the completion of the oath and signatures, please send the application in with payment. Once we receive the signed application and payment, the marriage license will be issued and mailed out to the couple. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unknown and difficult time.         


The County Recorder is the custodian of all records of the county pertaining to property title and transfers. Records include: 

  • Liens
  • Mortgage
  • Satisfactions
  • Various Forms of Deeds
  • Various Other Documents Presented for Recording Purposes

Document Requirements

Before a document can be recorded, it must meet certain requirements. If these requirements are not met, documents are returned to the sender for correction. When documents have been returned, the recording is completed and the instruments returned to the proper person.

Additional Duties

In Minnesota, the County Recorder is also the registrar of Titles under the Torrens Systems. The Registrar is an arm of the district court and under the court’s control at all times. One or more attorneys in the county may be appointed by the judge of district court as Examiner of Titles and legal advisors of the Registrar.

In Chippewa County, the Recorder is also the Abstracter. The duties of the Abstracter are to compile abstracts of title, which is a brief complete history and record of all transfers, mortgage and other documents pertaining to a particular parcel of land.

Chippewa County also assists our local highway department in the many road projects that they may have by completing titles as to ownership for particular parcels of land in which they may be working on.

Birth/Death Certificates & Marriage Licenses

Another responsibility of the Recorder is the filing of all birth and death certificates for people who were born and died in Chippewa County. Chippewa County also takes marriage applications and issues Marriage Licenses and records military discharges. 


Any person interested in their genealogy may come into the office and research their family history. All records in the office date back to the 1860’s.

Processing Times

All Real Estate documents, either paper or e-recordings, will be processed until 4 p.m. of the current day. Any documents submitted after that time, will be processed the following day.