Election Administration

The Auditor/Treasurer is designated by the Secretary of State as Register of Voters and Chief Custodian of official voter registration and election records. The Auditor/Treasurer is responsible for conducting the primary and general elections during the even-numbered years and also any special countywide elections. The Auditor/Treasurer is also a member of the Canvass Board. The Canvass Board meets shortly after the election to review for accuracy the results of the election and to declare a winner.

The Auditor/Treasurer is also responsible for:

  • Acting as the Filing Officer for County races
  • Distributing absentee ballots to those who will be unable to vote on election day
  • Printing ballots
  • Tabulating the election results from the 27 precincts in the County
  • Training election judges and officials

2022 Notice of Mail Ballot Procedures

2022 Notice of Filing & Offices to be Elected