Who You Will Be Working with

Circle Sentencing Program

This is where Circle Sentencing and The Mentoring Program are a little bit different. In Circle Sentencing, you will be working with the Circle Sentencing Coordinator (Angela), other volunteers from your community, youths, and their families. On average, each group of volunteers meets with 4 to 6 youth throughout each month. Usually, youth attend Circle every other week. 

Since volunteers attend every week, they will be introduced to two different groups of youth. Many of our volunteers form friendships with other volunteers in the Circle as well as friendships with the youths. Feel free to come a half hour early and get in on some good conversation with other volunteers and free food (usually Subway or pizza).

Feel free to contact Angela to learn more about the Circle Sentencing Program.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program works a bit differently than Circle Sentencing. Mentors are free to work in groups if they like, but traditionally, one mentor will meet with one youth. This is by no means a set process. 

If a mentor or youth want to participate with others, or if the mentor would like the youth to participate in an activity with the mentors family, that is perfectly acceptable. If any mentor or youth have any questions or concerns, the Mentoring Program Coordinator (Courtney) is only a phone call or email away.

Feel free to contact Courtney to learn more about the Mentoring Program.